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An open and diverse group of local men meeting at least twice a month at various places to learn from each other's stories, experience mutual support, prevent isolation, improve mental health, and grow strong leaders. We inspire each other to reconnect with our truthfulness, feel inner power and cultivate our life for ourself, our families and communities.

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday

An open and diverse group of sharing and mutual support. Come to share or listen to the stories of other local men 17+ who feel the need to connect with themselves and the group, silence... 

We meet EVERY 1st and 3rd THURSDAY OF THE MONTH at 7 pm, please come on time as at some point we may lock the door from inside to protect the group by preventing new people from entering the room in the middle of sharing. The door will still be unlocked for the guys inside to allow anyone to leave freely anytime.

Optional KOHA contribution to the venue and organisers, you can also bring some biscuits or fruit to share during a short tea break.

Each event is facilitated by a different leader, the aim is to co-create and give participants the opportunity to grow through leadership in a supportive group.

Every 4th Saturday

Sharing the stories around the campfire with an open and diverse group of local men 17+ who feel need to connect with self, group, mountains, river, night silence in the forest.

We meet EVERY 4th SATURDAY OF THE MONTH during the afternoon, walk about 20 minutes from our cars to the campsite, build our tents (if needed), make a fire (have current fire permit), share our stories, kai, maybe some music, experiences, swim in the river, sleep under the stars...

 Bring some food to share with others, warm clothes, sleeping bag and equipment for overnight staying in the forest, torch, maybe drum or any instrument.

Register by writing to to get more details about the event. Happening in any weather conditions! ..but let's keep the vision of generous weather.

Happy to have 14+ guys accompanied by father/grandfather/caregiver.

You can participate actively or just be present silently, with no pressure at all. 

Optional Koha, facilitated by experienced leaders but the aim is to co-create and grow together through the leadership.

NO ALCOHOL, NO DRUGS! Come with a clear mind, please.

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